Round Table Discussion on Protection and Promotion of Child Rights


Center for Child and Law School of Indian University invited GSCPCR to organise State Level Round Table Conference on Protection and Promotion of Child Rights. The purpose of the Round Table Conference was to:

  • Facilitate an exchange between GSCPCR and the Civil Society Organisation, NGOs and other key holders on main issues concerning Child Rights that require concerted action from GSCPCR.
  • Plan Public Hearings and other action on urgent issues in the State that requires intervention of the GSCPCR.
  • Identify areas and mechanisms by which the GSCPCR, Civil Society and the State Government can play complementary roles towards the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights in the State.
  • Identify plans for future, calendar of activities, campaign.

To begin with, the Chairperson of GSCPCR presented activities in brief, case studies, findings and recommendations and the road ahead.

Further the Civil Society, members of State Commission and representative from CCL discussed emergent issues and problems pertaining to Child Rights in the State. Main areas of discussion emphasized on Child Right, Literacy. Child participation, research and review of save guards, suggesting Policy measures, inquiring into Complaints, inter face with other key holders such as NCPCR, CWC, JJB, SHRIS and other bodies.

According to GSCPCR mandated function, this Commission had already conducted Awareness Programs for Teachers on banning of Corporal Punishment, Child Right Awareness Programmes was conducted for the persons especially dealing with Children for NGOs and Government Offices. Activating Village Child Committees to Promote Awareness amongst the Panchayat Raj, as their mandated role also to look into matters of Children, going to school, their difficulties, drop outs, Child Abuse Orientation Programme on adoption was conducted in collaboration with CARA. Commission also held inquiries on child abuse within family & within school, enquiries in institutions belonging to children & domestic violence. This commission gave just recommendation in the interest of Children and has brought relief to Children on urgent issues.

The Centre for Child and Law, the Project specifically aims to ensure that Commissions function effectively at the National Level, State Level, to enables an effective inter face between various Human Rights, Judicial & Quasi Judicial Bodies and Statutory Bodies for Children, build knowledge & skill among stake holders, i.e. NGOs networks and Children so that they can access these Institutions in case of Child Right Violations.

CCL in partnership with UNICEF India called this project as, Justice to Children through Independent Human Right Institutions. The specific activities under this project undertake Research on CPCR Act, 2005 delegated legislation & international standards so as to suggest provision for state rules.

* Support State Government to formulate rules & establish State Government in a  

   transparent and democratic manner.

* Research on Children’s Court, i.e. Courts to try offences committed against Children, as prescribed under the CPCR Act, 2005 & suggest measures to be undertaken in this regard.

* Conduct Administrative Law Research Role & Functioning of Human Right Institutions with regards to Protection & Promotion of Child Right Institutions.

* Research on monitoring RTE Act, 2009

* Publication of manuals & hand books.

* To provide online Social Legal & Technical support to State Commission.

As part of their Project & Research they have compiled a document offering suggestions on State Rules to be framed which includes comparative analysis of existing State Rules of other Commissions (Orissa, Assam, Karnataka, Sikkim & Delhi).

Their suggested amendments to Goa’s CPCR Rules, 2010 are attached in this report, main key point discussed by this Commission was on section 14 powers relating to inquiries on sub section 2 of part 14 that Commissions  have power to forward any case to a Magistrate having Jurisdiction to try the same & the Magistrate to whom the case is forwarded shall proceed to here the Complaint against the accused as if the case is forwarded to him in section 346 of the code of Criminal Procedure code, (i973(2 of 1974).

Here the Commission discussed could they forward the cases to the Children’s Court which is notified under the Goa Child Act, 2003 & the Judge who presides is of the rank of District Session Judge & not a Magistrate. The Center for Child & Law in this regards were not very clear in their opinion & they too agreed would be a status issue.

This Commission feels the provision of sec 14 which empowers commission to forward  cases to the Magistrate should have the facility to do so to forward cases to Children’s Court.

 Arlene, Director of Centre for Child & Law and Swagata were the facilators of this Programme & supported by UNICEF. V. P. Rao, Secretary for Women and Child Dev, Shri Anil Pawar, Dy. Director of Education, Sanjeev Gadkar, Director for W&CD and NGOs were present at the valedictory function reported by Samira Kazi Chairperson of GSCPCR.

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