The commission may take any of the following steps upon the completion of an inquiry held under this Act, namely:

(i) where the inquiry discloses the commission of Violation of child rights of a serious nature or contravention of provisions of any law for the time being in force it may recommend to the concerned Government or authority the initiation of proceedings for prosecution or such other action as the Commission may deem fit against the concerned person or persons.

(ii) approach the Supreme Court or the High Court concerned for such directions, orders or writs as that Court may deemed' necessary.

(iii) recommend to" the concerned Government or authority for the grant of such interim relief to the victim or the members of this family as the commission may consider necessary.


Annual and special reports of Commission:

(1) The Commission shall submit an annual report to the Central Government and to the State Government concerned and may at any time submit special reports on any matter which, in its opinion, is of such urgency or importance that it should not be deferred till submission of the annual report.

(2) The Central Government and the .state Government concerned, as the case may be shall cause the annual and special reports of the Commission to be laid before each House of Parliament or the State Legislature respectively as the case may be along with a memorandum of action taken or pro'posed to be taken on the recommendations of the Commission and the reasons for non-acceptance of  the recommendations. if any, within a period of one year from the date of receipt of such report.

(3) The annual report shall be prepared in such form manner and contain such details as may be prescribed by the Central Government.